Example of Delta Seal Coated Fasteners

Metal Flake Coatings

Metal flake coatings are a special class of protective films that incorporate zinc and aluminum flakes into engineered resin systems to provide galvanic protection for steel without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement occurring. These coatings provide extremely high levels of corrosion protection over both steel and aluminum substrates. Chem Processing offers unique options for even more robust corrosion protection by combining metal flake coatings with its anodizing and plating capabilities. This article gives a good synopsis of the advantages of these coatings.

Delta MKS® Coatings Overview:

The most advanced and technologically superior class of metal flake coatings are the Delta MKS® line from Doerken. The degree of corrosion resistance can be customized and multiple colors are available. Delta MKS® coatings are free of heavy metals such as chromium, cadmium or lead, offering a robust RoHS compliant alternative to less advanced coatings. More information on Delta coatings can be found at Doerken's web site.

Advantages of Delta MKS Coatings:

  • Thin and uniform coating thickness
  • High corrosion and cathodic protection
  • Resistant to chemical attacks
  • Good temperature resistance
  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • Lower processing temperature
  • Consistent torque and tension performance
  • Available in eight standard colors

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Chem Processing is a Licensed Doerken Applicator:

Doerken ensures the quality of its coatings by subjecting suppliers to a rigorous review process, and only allowing finishers with the highest-quality methods and standards to be licensed to apply Delta finishes. Chem Processing, Inc. is part of this exclusive number, serving as a premier applicator for Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Midwest and beyond. 


  • DELTA-PROTEKT® - Inorganic multilayer (basecoat and topcoat) systems
  • DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100: zinc flake system with cathodic protection
  • DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 300 Series: inorganic topcoat for zinc flake systems
  • DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 350 Series: inorganic topcoat for various surfaces
  • DELTA-PROTEKT® EK Series: cataphoretic immersion paints for various surfaces
  • DELTA-TONE®: Inorganic zinc-flake basecoat system
  • DELTA-SEAL®: Organic, highly-crosslinked epoxy system
  • DELTA-COLL®: Inorganic, silicate and titanium-based system for application over electroplated zinc

  • Applicable OEM Specifications:

    • CS0129
    • GS 90010
    • N 600 00.0
    • 800 00/ 3+4 1
    • Y265 F21056/1
    • GMW 3359
    • GMW 14083
    • GMW 14100
    • GME 00252
    • GME 00255
    • PS10633
    • DBL 8440
    • DBL 8451
    • DBL 9440
    • DBL 9441
    • WSS-M21P42 A1
    • WSS-M21P42 A2
    • WSS-M21P42 A3
    • WSD-M21P10 B2
    • WSD-M21P11 B2
    • WSS-M21P45
    John Deere
    • Lan 930-11.4
    • GS 90010
    • STD 5752, 53

    Chem Processing Inc. offers Doerken Delta coating services to Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Midwest and beyond. CPI is strategically located by highway routes to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. The CPI facility is minutes from a major Midwestern air freight hub, enabling efficient door-to-door delivery across the United States or across the globe.