Example of Dry Film Coated Part

Dry Film/Solid Film/Molybdenum Disulfide Lubricants

Dry Film Lubricant...solid film...molybdenum disulfide...reduces galling, seizing and fretting...improves wear life...chemical resistant...

Dry Film Lubricants, also called solid film lubricants, are high performance coatings made up of very fine particles of molybdenum disulfide lubricating agents blended with binders and other special additives. Once cured, these lubricating agents bond to the part surface as a solid film which reduces galling, seizing and fretting and protects against corrosion. Through the combination of these properties, dry film lubricants greatly improve the wear life of coated parts.

Dry film/solid film lubricants allow for operating pressures above the load-bearing capacity of normal greases and oils. They are also less prone to collecting soil particulates than greases and oils. In some applications, the coating is self-burnishing, leading to improved, rather than decreased, performance over time. Some blends of dry film/solid film lubricants are also temperature and chemical resistant allowing for their use in harsh environments such as jet engines where exposure to aviation fuel and extreme temperatures are the norm.

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Chem Processing Inc. dry film/solid film Capabilities:

  • Sandstrom ™ 099, 09A, 28A, 9AXF, Everlube™ 620, Dow CorningMolycote® 321 and other products available
  • Compliance with the MIL-PRF-46010 specification
  • Spray and dip application
  • Application of Zinc Phosphate or Manganese Phosphate per MIL 16232 as a pre-treatment for steel
  • Nitric acid passivation as a pre-treatment for stainless steel
  • Sulfuric acid anodizing or chem film as a pre-treatment for aluminum
  • Aluminum oxide grit blasting as a pre-treatment for copper and copper alloys
  • Selective surface masking and multiple finishes per part
  • In-house salt spray corrosion testing per ASTM B117
  • Adhesion testing per ASTM 3359D

Applicable Specifications:

  • MIL-PRF-46010
  • AS5272Type I & II
  • SAE AMS 2525 & 2526
  • MIL-PRF-46147
  • MIL-L-23398
  • MIL-L-25504
  • MIL-L-81329
  • MIL-L-8937
  • PWA550
  • HS 248 (UTC Aerospace Systems/Hamilton Sundstrand)
  • PN 14.16 (UTC Aerospace Systems/Hamilton Sundstrand)
  • 4-09-0201 (Woodward)
  • SP-929 (Woodward)
  • SP-9940-504 (Woodward)

Typical dry film/solid film Applications:

  • Automotive/Heavy Machinery: splines, universal joints, keyed bearings, and others
  • Aerospace/Aviation: provides start-up lubrication on jet engine components
  • Plastics Manufacturing: provides release on PVC molds
  • Fasteners: allows for repeated assembly/disassembly
  • Weapons:This Sandstrom data sheet details the advantages of dry film coatings on firearms

Chem Processing Inc. offers dry film lubricant coating services to Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Midwest, North and South Carolina and beyond. CPI is strategically located by highway routes to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. The CPI facility is minutes from Rockford Chicago International Airport, a major Midwestern air freight hub, enabling efficient door-to-door delivery across the United States or across the globe.