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Engineering Metal Finishing Solutions for Aerospace

metal finishing services for Commercial & Military aircraft components... turbine engines...  OEM & MRO...

Throughout its forty-year history, Chem Processing, Inc. has provided metal finishing services to the aerospace industry's most recognized names. Commercial aircraft, military jets and helicopters, and even spacecraft have components plated, anodized or coated by CPI. We provide support for both OEM components and MRO facilities.

Our Nadcap Accreditation and AS9100 certification are evidence of our commitment to the highest quality standards. We participate in the FAA flight safety program which ensures that any associate handling flight-critical components receives regular training and undergoes routine substance testing. Additionally, CPI has OEM approvals from Boeing, Eaton Aerospace, GE Aviation, Rockwell Collins, UTAS, Woodward and others (see our approvals page for approvals by specification). These are only official recognitions of an attitude towards quality that marks CPI, as it must any organization that handles hardware on which so many lives depend.

We offer a full range of functional finishes for the aerospace industry including cadmium plating for environmental exposure, chromic acid anodizing for the extreme stresses of aircraft-aluminum, manganese phosphate for friction-reduction and electroless nickel plating for jet-fuel exposure. Many of our specialized coatings are used in the aerospace industry as well, including Xylan®, Dupont Teflon ® and many others. Also of note is our zinc-nickel plating process, which is increasingly used as a replacement for cadmium, our silver plating process for electrical components, and our copper plating process which allows for selective heat treating of components.

Our engineering team is able to draw on extensive experience and a broad catalogue of previous projects to offer input at all points in the development and production of aerospace components. We are committed to following established specifications where required, but we also work with companies to write new specifications, partnering with them in the months or even years of testing as each process requires. Likewise, we join in the development of new technologies, engineering and testing finishing solutions so that new aircraft and spacecraft can take flight.

Contact one of our technical representatives for more information on how Chem Processing, Inc. can partner with your company in serving the aerospace industry.


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